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Feel The Difference December 2021

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These wedges are amazing. Perfect size to elevate the entire foot (something many wedges miss) and excellent angle to help you squat lower. I was initially skeptical of the foam build, but the durability of these wedges is quite good, and they can handle more than you think. I'd strongly recommend "giving them a shot!”

Zac Cupples, PT, DPT, OCS

I’ve been incorporating the Squat Wedgiez in my lifting routine for the last couple of months and they have really taken my form to a new level. I was able to open up a huge amount of range of motion in my squatting movement. Squat Wedgiez make a massive difference. If you’re looking to get deeper into your squat or to just improve your form across the board, I highly suggest grabbing a pair of Squat Wedgiez.

Jason D.

At 63, I was always struggling with my squats. Wedgiez has been the perfect addition to my routine. Using Wedgiez, I can now do the full range with squats without fear of losing my balance, which has allowed me to increase my strength. They are also a great addition to my calf raises, and pushup routines. I have purchased my own pair of Wedgiez  and purchased several as gifts for friends.

Dan H.

I’ve had knee issues since I was a teenager, and have never really been able to do squats because it puts too much pressure on my knees. The Wedgiez allow me to squat low enough to activate these muscles. It reduces the impact that my knees would’ve taken without them, which is a great feeling.

Tom F.

“It automatically makes you aware of body posture alignment and how to properly move, effectively and safely.”

David F.

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Why Give Yourself A Wedgie?

Squat Deeper

Research has shown elevating the heels to be an effective tool for increasing your squat depth.

Numerous Benefits

Squat Wedgiez were designed to be used to elevate your hip thrusts, deadlifts, and calf exercises.


More Than A Squat Wedge

Workouts Delivered To Your Phone

Each pair has a QR code giving you access to exercise tutorials and follow along workout videos.